Monday, June 25, 2007

Road Trip Complete

"Head'n down the highway, look'n for adventure...."

The road trip portion of our journey has come to an end. I loved reading about the adventures you would take if you could. My favorite would still be driving to the Grand Canyon. The vastness of it still has me in awe.
We have a winner for our Road trip Contest thanks to the random number generator! Mandy wins the lovely Handspun Yarn! I will get that in the mail to you this week. Congratulations!!!
Also looks like we might have a winner for BINGO as well. You are going to have to wait for Jessi to verify. We are definitely going to play BINGO again.
Pairing is JUST about complete so be on the lookout for your secret pal. Then you will have till till the first week in September to mail off your vacations in a box. Sooner if you are shipping long distances.
Don't worry we still have lots of fun planned to keep your virtual vacation going this summer.