Monday, October 1, 2007

Been On Vacation Already?

I see some of you have been on vacation already!! Tell us about it!!! Post a comment here and and direct us back to your blogs with fabulous descriptions and/or photos of what your vacations were like!! If you don't have a blog, email us at: virtualvacationswap @ yahoo dot com and we will gladly posted here for you.

In your comments, please tell us who was your personal tour guide and nominate them for a wonderful spa vacation in a box of their own!! (A lot of these items were donated from various places)

We hope you all have/will enjoy your vacations!!!

We definitely want to see where you have been!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Last Call For Virtual Vacations!!!

The Tour Guides want to make sure that ALL tourists receive a virtual vacation. If you have NOT received a vacation yet and have not already let Anne, Jessi, or Sharon know or emailed virtualvacationswap @ yahoo dot com please do so ASAP or forever hold your peace.

Also, we might, we are not 100% sure yet, need an extra Angel tour guide or two. We did have a few reserve tour guides but may need a few more. If you think you can represent your city/state again in a VERY short time frame on very short notice for someone who's original tour guide went MIA, please email us at: virtualvacationswap @ yahoo dot com with ANGEL TOUR GUIDE in the subject line. Whether or not we will need you, we thank you enormously, in advance, just for volunteering!!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Vacations Should Have Been Shipped

By Now all Vacations Should have Been Shipped. The Tour Guides do know of a few tourists who have had to make alternative arrangements and you do know who you are.

However, if you DO NOT receive a vacation by Friday September 7Th without having had prior notice or arrangements made PLEASE email either your tour guide (hostess) directly or virtualvacationswap @ yahoo dot com

In the meantime, please continue, to nominate your person guides for spa packages (the reason it says October is so that remains at the top of the blog, someone asked)

Saturday, August 18, 2007


We, FINALLY, have scavenger hunt winners. Sorry it took so long but between family being in town and needing to verify every entry and then randomly drawing the winning 4, it took a very long draw out process. I hear the prizes are worth it though ;-)

Two will be coming from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and two will be coming from the great state of Alabama, just so the winners know.

Drum roll please.....

First Place goes to Carrie

Second Place goes to Kathleen

Third Place goes to Angela T.

Fourth Place goes to Susan

These ladies put a LOT of hard work into their scavenger hunt answers, hopefully "met" a lot of new people along the way and had some fun while playing along.

Next stop: Your individual vacations!! You have less than a month to get those boxes to your tourists!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Scavenger Hunt is Complete!!

You all did an AMAZING job with the scavenger hunt!! I know it was a difficult one but it was fun, wasn't it?

The only question that some of you gave some VERY good guesses but didn't get right was bonus question number one "Find the Tourist that got Sharon back into knitting" The answer was: Frances That was a tough one though because I mentioned it on my blog and in a comment on Frances' blog once. Besides being an amazing knitter, Frances is also a wonderful soapmaker.

The other tour guides and I need to confer upon the 4 winners of the scavenger hunt and along with the trusty, handy, dandy random number generator will select the 4 winners of the scavenger hunt!!

Job well done!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Scavenger Hunt Reminders

I forgot one thing: You have until Friday August 10Th to get your entries in.

I am reminding you of one thing: Do not forget to LEAVE COMMENTS on the blogs you look at especially the last question. VERY important piece. We will be checking these things.

Thank you. You may go back to your hunting

ETA: Since a few have asked, We will random number draw the winners from the correct answered entries IF there are numerous correct entries. You do not need to be the first, second, third, etc... The time stamp with ONLY come into play IF there are only Four correct entries. So far, as of Saturday night at 9 PM EDT, there are none.

Friday, August 3, 2007

And the Hunt is On!!!

When I was younger and worked at sleep away camps scavenger hunts were my favorite thing to create for my campers and other staff members. I used to send them through the entire camp. So this weekend (and maybe a little longer, LOL), I am going to send you all on a trip through all the blogs and questionnaires of all the travelers of this swap. I hope you all enjoy!!

The Rules

You must include the name of the tourist AND their Blog or say they are blogless and posted on the travel blog

If you are traveling through their blog you might stop by and say “hi” in some way by leaving a comment. It would be a nice thing to do

You MUST email your responses to virtualvacationswap @ yahoo dot com. Each entry will be time stamped by yahoo as there are First, Second and Third place prizes. You heard correct. From the first entries (if there are multiple entries, the winners will be random number drawn). There are TWO yarn prizes and One pampering prize. If we have numerous correct answers we might be persuaded to add a fourth prize :-)

You CAN repeat names/blogs in answers and you might find YOU are an answer to a question. However, everyone is NOT an answer to a question or are they ;-)

I think that about covers it but if you have any questions, let me know either at virtualvacationswap @ yahoo dot com OR sharon @ soaps-n-stuff dot com

Ready ....... set ....... go....... !!!


Find 25 Tourist who knit socks

Find 2 who don’t

Find 1 tourist whose name rhymes with her state

Find 1 tourist from Southeast Asia

Find 1 tourist who moved during this swap

Find 1 American living in the United Kingdom

Find at least 25 tourists who DID NOT want to travel to Hawaii

Find 2 tourist who do not knit with wool

Find 10 tourist who knit lace

Find 3 tourists who are knitting from their stash this summer (I don’t know why either but, they are)

Find 10 tourists who don’t like eyelash or fun fur type yarn

Find 5 tourist whose favorite color is purple

Find 3 tourists who DO NOT like the color yellow

Find 3 tourist who use the word MONKEY in their blog some where

Find 5 tourists knitting Harry Potter

Find 10 Tourists who Felt

Find at least one tourist who does wordless Wednesday

Find 3 Tourists who dye their own yarn

Find 5 Tourist who are “Knitting Daily”

Find 3 Tourist from the west side of Canada

Find 10 Tourists with non-blogspot blogs

Find 15 Tourists who have cats

Find 5 Tourists have dogs

Find two Tourists from our 49th state

Find our one tourist who had to dropout, post her a comment sending her lots of love and well wishes. I will be checking!!!

Bonus question #1: Find the Tourist that got Sharon back into knitting

Bonus question#2: Name the states and countries Anne did not call in the Blackout Bingo game

Let the Hunt begin!!