Monday, May 28, 2007

Sign Ups Officially Begin Friday June 1st!!

Sign ups officially begin on Friday June 1st but, What is this all about?

Welcome to the Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap! This is a one-time exchange, but if there is interest and participation, there might be other vacations in the future!

Once you have signed up, you will be considered the tourists; the hostesses of this swap, Anne, Jessica, and Sharon, are the Tour Guides on this journey…..

What You are Signing Up To Do:

This is a Virtual Vacation for those of us who cannot travel this summer (even for those who can). To experience through goodies and yarn a city or country we might not have had the pleasure of visiting before.

You must be prepared to send things internationally. (If this is a huge problem, please, let us know and we will try to accommodate you)

You must be over 18, as we will be giving your address to someone.

As this is a one package swap you do not have to have an anonymous email address - you will be required to contact your pal anonymously but this can be by commenting on their blog. If you would like to have an anonymous email address, go right ahead, it will help with the fun of the swap. Besides sending those Hallmark cards is loads of fun.

What to Send:

This swap is slightly different. Your box of goodies has to reflect where you live, other than the yarn, (unless you would like to send local yarn, that is up to you) it has to be themed from your home city/state or if you are International your home country. You are basically sending a box to your partner as if they had come to visit you and played tourist with you. Some very simplistic examples are:

Florida - something from Disney
Philadelphia - a mini Liberty Bell
Iowa - Corn yarn
France - some very nice perfume or wine (okay, a girl can dream, right?)

Get the idea?

You MUST send:

1. Enough yarn for a one skein/small project
2. Souvenirs that are indicative of where you live, either your city, state or if you are International, your country
3. Delicious treats - e.g. chocolate/candy/cake/cookies/tea/coffee that are local to your area
4. Your blog address, or email address so your pal can say hello and thank you

Minimum spend:

$30 / €27 / £18 - not including postage

Other treats you could include:

1. A pattern to go with the yarn (please respect copyright)
2. Candles, Body products, books
3. Knitting notions
4. Anything else you'd like to treat your pal with

The Time Line:

1. Sign ups: June 1st-15th OR we reach 150 Tourists
2. Questionnaire posted to your blog or emailed to us if you do not have a blog by: June 30th. We can’t match you with out this posted
3. Matches distributed around: July 8th
4. Make Anonymous contact by: July 13th
5. Packages received by: Sept. 3rd (US Labor Day) (Please allow time if posting internationally)

This gives you over a month to put a FABULOUS travel package together for your tourist (swap partner)

How to Sign Up: (NOT TILL JUNE 1st)

Send an email to: virtualvacationswap @ yahoo dot com with the following information:
1. First and Last Name
2. Email address
3. Blog Address if you have one (if you do not have a blog address please make sure you specify this when you sign up)
4. Mailing Address
5. Country and if you have concerns about shipping out of the U.S. please let us know in the event of international participants
6. Are you knitter/crocheter/both?

The Questionnaire will be posted shortly that should be sent via email if you do not have a blog, or posted on your own blog!

Any questions? Leave us a comment or drop us an email and we'll post up a reply.

We have MANY, MANY games and contests planned already for this swap so get ready to have a WONDERFUL virtual vacation so....

Let's get ready to vacation!!!