Monday, June 25, 2007

We have a Winner!

As confirmed by Jessi - our winner is Amy T!

Amy, your prize should be going out by the end of the week!

And now... a big surprise! We WILL be having a round 2 - and in round 2 - the prize is going to be the AMAZING donation we received from Loop (see the image in the sidebar!)

Sharon talked all about this donation in this post, and I encourage you to check it out - this stuff is soooo soft and wonderful! Thank you again to Loop!

Here are the details for Round 2:

  • Again, submit your cards to virtualvacationswap at
  • You may submit the same Destinations again if you'd like.
  • It IS possible for Destinations that were called in Round 1 to be called in Round 2!
  • The kicker: The winner will need to get blackout! This means all destinations on your card must be called for you to win.
  • I will post an updated list of destinations on this post later tonight - if your hometown was not on the original list, please take a second to email and let us know!
  • You can begin submitting round 2 numbers tomorrow, June 26th, and must have them submitted no later than Midnight on July 1st. We'll begin calling numbers on Monday, July 2nd.