Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ever Been to Katmandu, Nepal?

This yarn has. It was handspun by women in Nepal from remnant sari fabric. It is made from rayon and cotton, approx. 165 yards, 200g skein, is consider a vegan silk yarn and a fair trade item. Pretty isn't it? You can win it.

I am going on a road trip. A real one. This Sunday June 17Th. Leaving my home state of PA driving down the east coast landing in Florida as the last stop and will be flying back June 24Th.

You have till then to leave a comment as to what would be your ideal road trip. Could be any where in the world but it has to be drivable (and no you cannot drive across the Atlantic Ocean, try putting that in Google direction and get a good chuckle). The random number generator will pick a winner when I return.

Have Fun finding out where you all would go if you could ride any where!!! You will also be doing something fun and exciting with Anne :-)

PS Here is a fun tidbit for you. My Aunt lives a good portion of the year in Katmandu, Nepal (learn something new everyday, don't you, LOL)

ETA: You have to be a participant in the swap to win. (Thought that would be obvious, but you never know)