Thursday, July 12, 2007

Round 2 Blackout Bingo: Day 11 Destinations

The high here today is in the 90's, though from what I've seen and heard online, I should be calling myself thankful that it's not going to be even hotter in Atlanta! The thing I can't take is the humidity though - I hate humidity! Thus missing my old hometown even more - Colorado has such a very nice and dry climate! The above shot is of downtown Colorado Springs, facing into Pike's Peak - the view from the top of that mountain was Katherine Lee Bates' inspiration for the song "America the Beautiful". It's really that gorgeous.

Destination 1: Colorado
Destination 2: South Carolina

So - anyone even have a double bingo (2 straight bingos) yet? Is 8 to go truly our closest, or is there someone somewhere who's just not sharing for fear of jinxing things? C'mon ya'll, I'm dying to know here!