Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Round 2 Blackout Bingo: Day 10 Destinations

So who can already guess from the photo above where we're going to travel today? I've even been to that one, I think - though there are so many castles in this country it'd be hard to recall for sure, being as I was rather young when I was there!

Some folks are inching closer... will you get visa stamps for today's destination stops?

Destination 1: Germany, as seen above!
Destination 2: Kentucky
Destination 3: West Virginia

And as requested, here's a list of places we have been:

New York, Tennessee, England, Nevada, Ireland, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Malaysia, Maine, Indiana, France, Finland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Hawaii, Washington (State), Ontario, California, Rhode Island, Alabama, Georgia, Vermont, Kentucky, West Verginia, and Germany!