Monday, July 16, 2007

Round 2 Blackout Bingo: Day 15 Destinations

Dear Travelers:
Having a great time in the beautiful Swiss Alps! There's amazing hiking, waterfall views, and of course, chocolate! Wish you were here!!
Your Tour Guide

Destination 1: Switzerland
Destination 2: Illinois
Destination 3: Minnesota
Destination 4: British Columbia

[Yes, dears, you do need to send in your blog list. That said if there are a few you just cannot find, say so when you send in your winning card, and Sharon, Jess or I will check it out, and if there IS a blog, you'll need to go find it!

Edited: I'm going to go through the list this morning of destinations and try to let you know which destinations you don't need to worry about - I didn't realize some links even appear to be broken. I apologize for the time some of you have spent - next round of the VVS, we'll be sure to have folks include their location directly in their questionnaires; that should help. If there are particular destinations you're having trouble with leave them in the comments and I'll check those first!

Competition's getting fierce! Even my own
mother emails me daily to tell me how many she has to go!]

[Believed to be Blogless: Louisiana]
[Alberta definitely has a blog - we went over this last round, go look at the old posts!]
[Indiana has a blog.. her name starts with "S", and if you click to view her profile from her blog, you will see where she's from!]
[Kansas has 2 bloggers, but one blog seems to be down or mislinked. The other is a Yahoo! 360 blog if that helps.. !]