Friday, June 1, 2007

Welcome to Kiritimati, Christmas Islands, First Vacation Stop!

We have travelled very far to start our virtual vacation (boy am I tired....)


Christmas Island is the largest coral atoll in the world with an area of 248 square miles of which 125 square miles is land and the remainder lagoon. It is 2,015 miles from Tarawa, capital of the Republic of Kiribati; 1,335 miles from Honolulu; 4,000 miles from Sydney, Australia and 3,250 miles from San Francisco.

The temperature rarely dips before 80, rarely rains except for el NiƱo years and has some of the best fishing any where in the world

If you know anything about Kiritimati, Christmas Islands, Kiribati, then you know it is the first place that crosses the date line... today in Kiritimati, Christmas Islands, Kiribati it is JUNE 1st already!!!

SIGN UPS FOR THE VIRTUAL VACATION SWAP HAVE BEGUN!!!!! put a little kick in there didn't we ;-)