Friday, June 1, 2007

Sign Ups and Our First Winner

We threw you through a loop yesterday, didn't we? We like to keep you on your toes ;-) Look for more 'fun' surprises during the summer (now to think of more fun surprises)

As sign ups roll in, you should receive a welcome on your vacation message and your name will appear on the side bar of this blog with either a link to your own blog or if you are blog-less a link at a later date to your questionnaire, which will be posted once sign ups are complete (when we reach 150 travellers or June 15th which ever comes first)

As a reminder, how to sign up:

How to Sign Up: Send an email to: virtualvacationswap @ yahoo dot com with the following information:
1. First and Last Name
2. Email address
3. Blog Address if you have one (if you do not have a blog address please make sure you specify this when you sign up)
4. Mailing Address
5. Country and if you have concerns about shipping out of the U.S. please let us know in the event of international participants
6. Are you knitter/crocheter/both?

Pretty please, unblock the virtual vacation email address. We have already had a few emails bounce back.

Now for the good stuff....

The winner of our first contest... a very lovely Uplifting Dead Sea Spa Salt Soak (definitely goes with the theme here) goes to Tara aka RandomRanter she is from our glorious nation's capital. Perhaps we will "visit" there later this summer. Congratulations!! I will get that out to you as soon as possible!