Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vacation Bingo, Revisited

Thank you all for all of the comments! Jessi said that the "numbers" have been rolling in!

First and foremost, a request - I'd asked earlier, if you remember. If you have not already, please please add your location somewhere in your sidebar, or add it to your questionnaire! This will help EVERYONE have a better time. That said, I realize not everyone checks the blog during swaps or is playing, so here's a few suggestions on figuring out location if it's not blatant:

  • Check the questionnaire. There are many hints in there from folks as they talk about places they'd like to visit, or where they've been in the past.
  • Check the sidebar - some folks have it listed there, or have little weather people or other hints. In some cases they are in Knit Rings - such as on my site, which has the "Alaskan Knitters Knit Ring" that my sis belongs to. You may find good hints here.
  • Check the blogger profile. In a lot of cases, folks will at least list their state or country there.
A few clarifications on locations on the list of destinations:
  • HUGE apologies to those of you who are from a location not listed. I didn't choose locations, there was a list in our spreadsheet of participants that showed "representation", and I think perhaps I either missed a few or I used an older version of the spreadsheet. I'm not going to add them now only because it didn't become apparent until many folks had already made their choices. But to you from Nova Scotia, the UK and anywhere else I missed, I'm sorry!
  • I have confirmed that there IS an address for each destination in the original post, including DC! What I hadn't thought of is those who do not have blogs, and have their questionnaires here. So what we will do is this:
    • If you get bingo, then yes, you WILL be asked to give blogs for the destinations listed (and we're looking for home state, not desired vacation destinations). That said, if there's one you really cannot seem to find, send in those you DO have and Jessi will check whether or not the destination is from a 'blogless' person, in which case it'd be awfully tough to find! (And for those wondering, DC is in fact someone with a blog - there's just 1 - can you find her?)
  • What I suggest is that each day when I call off the 2 destinations, if you have one, look for it then - and I'll be honest here, folks. There's no reason ya'll can't help each other out! If you're having a terrible time finding someone's blog, see if any of your fellow travelers can help out!
A few notes on your "cards"
  • No, there are not any confines on what location under what letter (such as B is 1-15 in bingo, I is 16-30, etc).
  • Yes, your "Bingo" does need to be in order. (Visualize the card again!) All I mean when I say "order does matter" is like the example I posted:
    • Say your destinations are: B: AL, KY, GA, DC, Germany; I: NY, NC, FL, TX, CA; N: Australia, MT, FREE, KS, LA, for example.
    • If I called "AL", "NY" and Australia, then you've already got 3 in a row, across the 'top row' of your card. Make sense?
  • Personally, I'd print out or draw out a little bingo card and put in your destinations - it will make it much easier to see the bingo :)
Good Luck Everyone!! Remember, you need to submit your destination 'numbers' by midnight tonight - the first destinations will be called tomorrow sometime in the morning!!

[note: the above license plate is not mine. I have no idea whose it is, I just found it on a random google search. But it was too fitting to pass up! :D]