Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vacation Bingo, Day 2 Destinations

Hullo all!

First bit of business, it seems that our spreadsheet had Hawaii incorrectly listed as a participating destination - so don't worry about finding a blog. You can mark the destination off, but won't have to send a blog. I apologize for time ya'll spent trying to find it :(

Second, today's destinations!

Destination 1: France (who definitely has a blog!)
Destination 2: New York (there are several blogs for this one)

Again guys, sorry about the mistakes, I'm sure it is frustrating - the next round will go more smoothly, I promise! (And yes, we'll do a 2nd round for sure, for those who've missed the first!)

And a little hint separate from the numbers as I know some of you are looking for it - Alberta definitely has a blog. If you read some questionnaires, you'll find that her first trip out of Alberta was to British Columbia!

And last to the person who asked - Matches will go out no later than July 8th. They may go sooner, but not before next week, as Sharon's on vacation right now and we'd like to send out matches to the whole swap at the same time.