Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vacation Bingo, Day 1 Destinations

Hey all!

No, Georgia wasn't the first Destination - that was just a picture for yesterday since we all know bloggers love pictures.

Alas I'm at work, so no picture today! What I do have is today's two destinations!

Destination 1: Alaska. If any of you have read the questionairres, it seems about 80% of the travelers on our tour want to visit there, so I had to choose that one first!

Destination 2: Hawaii. What better to contrast the far, frozen north than with the warm tropics?

If you have these destinations on your cards, mark em off and find a blog that matches up! Good luck!

[Side note to a question in the comments: Yup, should be destinations on your card - I just said "numbers" to contrast / compare to Bingo for a few folks who were confused! You should all be just fine!]