Friday, May 25, 2007

One Week Till The Vacation Begins....

As we head into the unofficial beginning of Summer here in the United States as we start Memorial Day Weekend, backyard BBQ, the opening of the pool, some schools already officially ending, we realize vacation season is beginning too.

There is one week till our Virtual Vacation begins!!

Devon asks a very good question, about sign ups... Everyone deserves a vacation but, this time, the ship only has room for about 150 tourists (swappers). Sign ups will be open from June 1st till June 15th OR till we have 150 tourists. We do currently have 3 tour guides (hostesses) who will be available to assist their tourists the best way they can. I, for one, love to travel, so if there is interest, this is something we can do again and again. Especially come January and it is freezing and I wish I were in California or Hawaii.

On Tuesday I will post more information to help you get ready for Friday.

Have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend here in the states!!