Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Round 2 Blackout Bingo: Day 2 Destinations

Before we move on to today's numbers, just a quick reminder: You should contact your pal no later than July 13th. And really - if you get an email or note from the person who's going to be spoiling you, it's really a good idea to write back! For one, it's polite acknowledgement you received their message, and for another, this is after all the person who's going to be spoiling you - be nice! ;)

As I sat trying to think of today's destinations, there were so many options! Today was the end of the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania - and the day the first savings bank opened in the U.S in New York City!

Instead, I was sipping my coffee, and thought that the day before the holiday, it'd be good to travel places with a really great cup of brew!

I give you Kona Coffee Trees in Hawaii! Mmmm... Some of the best coffee in the world! (And a place a LOT of us want to visit!)

So then - today's destinations:

Destination 1: Hawaii
Destination 2: Washington (Seattle..Starbucks..Small connection to coffee!)