Saturday, June 9, 2007

Who is Representing

As we come down to the wire, I wanted to give you an idea of where you might be traveling this summer.

Personally, I think we have an excellent mix of states and countries. There are 38 different US states that signed up to be tourists, from Maine to Texas, Tennessee, Montana, Oklahoma, Kansas, California and yes, there is one person who will be representing Hawaii. Alberta, British Colombia, New Brunswick, and Ontario will all be representing Canada so far in this swap. As for further overseas, we have representation from England, Ireland, Cambridge, South Yorkshire, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and Malaysia.

Oh and editing to add that yes, Alaska is represnted at least 3 times!!

Sign ups officially close when we reach 150 tourists or June 15Th. Since we have 136 tourists you never know.

A few reminders:

Questionnaires MUST be posted by June 30Th. Sooner is better.

You will get your Tourist at the latest July 8Th could be sooner. Who you get IS NOT the same as who gets you. This IS a SECRET swap.

Your Tour Guides LOVE to give prizes. Just remember that. We are crazy that way

A fantastically wonderful game is coming very soon. Get ready for it. All I can say is have some where on your blog your home state or country (if non-US)