Monday, June 4, 2007

Morning in the Christmas Islands!

Good morning, my dear tourists! I hope you're enjoying the exquisite beauty that is the Christmas Islands and your first vacations stop. My name is Jessi, and I'll be your tour guide this morning. (M'am, please. Don't listen to anything Sharon and Anne tell you. I'm not crazy.)

I'd like to show everyone where you will be showering this lovely morning.

Beautiful, soothing, and definately all the water pressure you could ever want! Bask in the warmth of the island sun and wash all those worries away. Sharon has left a basket of her soapy goodness behind that rock over there. After you're done, feel free to join me down here:

It's only a little walk, I promise. I'll be sitting down here in a nice warm, sunny spot. Oh, and did I mention that I have a big pot of coffee? There's even a little tiki hut down there (for you die-hards), already serving up those slushy blue drinks we were having earlier.

Yeah, I figured you'd want to come. Splash a little rum in my coffee would ya?