Friday, June 8, 2007

How Are We Doing?

I Personally think Bora Bora is breath taking, don't you?

You might want to rent some snorkeling equipment and go look at some of the underwater life or if you are already SCUBA certified you can always go SCUBA diving but make sure you take a partner in either case. I do not want to lose anyone on this trip.

When you get back the sailboat will be waiting for you for our trip out for lunch and sunbathing. Do you see it in the first photo? Don't forget your knitting and crocheting. Nothing like a nice relaxing afternoon on a ship with your knitting/crocheting. What a way to spend the day!

Right now we have 130 tourists signed up!!! With just about a week left for signups and only 20 spaces left this is going to be one fun adventure this summer. Keep posting your questionnaires and Anne, Jessica, and Sharon are getting around to read them. I might suggest that you all read them too. You never know when some of the things being written in them might just end up in a contest or three as well as some of the comments you leave. Just a thought *wink* *wink*